March 5, 2021   10:41 am

Digitimes: Apple to launch OLED iPad next year, MacBook Pro could follow suit - 9to5Mac

There has been a constant stream of display technology rumors over the last few years. Apple is rumored to be exploring mini-LED, micro-LED and OLED technologies across its product lineup. The upcomi… [+1869 chars]

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  March 5, 2021   10:00 am

How to keep your online history private as tracking technology improves -

If you use the internet in any capacity, you've likely experienced this: after visiting one website, you may go to another website and find that it's showing you ads for the first one. Or ads for a w… [+3421 chars]

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April Glover   March 5, 2021   12:24 am

Qualcomm's 'Snapdragon Sound' Set To Revolutionise Wireless Audio – channelnews - ChannelNews

Wireless audio products such as headphones, earbuds and portable speakers will soon sound even better with Qualcomms new Snapdragon Sound technology. Qualcomm says Snapdragon Sound will deliver high… [+1491 chars]

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  March 4, 2021   12:06 am

Australian space consortium to leverage quantum-based technologies - Australian Defence Magazine

Commencing in 2023, the missions are designed to find accessible water and other resources in support of NASAs Artemis program to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024 and create a su… [+1834 chars]

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