About Nealika

Success is the ultimate result in everyone wish list, at times we are struggling to define what it really means. Success to us could be simplified alike a great meal, it starts when you have desire, you take it and you enjoy it. Unfold technologies revolution over the past two centuries are definitely urgent for all business to adapt with. Optimizing the advantages of technology together with the solid and passionate team experience in best practices of hospitality industry are the core competencies that NEALIKA bring to you in order to accelerate your business success exponentially.


To be an ultimate provider of digital and marketing solution for every business with high confidence for success.


To become a top provider of digital technology and marketing solution with honesty, innovation and creative imagination.

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Our team

Mr. Philip Kao

Founder and President
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Mr. Sokhom Sam OL

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Mr. Chapho Somrang Chittra

Co- Founder VP Biz Development
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Mr. KHUT Lihong

Co-Founder Head of Technology Development
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Mr. Kano NOCH

Co-founder and Head of Operations
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Founding member & Assistant Tech Development leader
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